Someone good with Blender? Searching for animator for my huge spider model to create a monster mod

Hello everyone,

2 years ago I made a spider model and tried to animate it with blender, but since real life took me alot of time, I hadn’t the time to finish the animation. Now I thought to myself: I created the model, so maybe someone out there is willing to do the animation. As long as I get the credit for creating the model, I would love to find someone who pumps live into this model. In the video below you can also see the animation I started 2 years ago (though I dont know why the colors look so crappy in the video, sorry about that).

Here is the model of the spider I had created:

And here you can find a video:


Well; i’m a Modeler and Animator(blender as well)

First of all, honestly that model isn’t really StoneHearth Style unless you mean by ‘Giant’ you mean like… The size of a huge Tree in height (in that case it’s perfect)

Otherwise, she looks absolutely amazing!

I’d love to animate her; but sadly enough i just got some influenza(at-least it seems like it) so i’m not really in the most capable state for anything (to be fair even if i didn’t i would’ve took a long time since i have things to do)

I do have a Spider i made myself(animated and all) so i could give you some advice, but it seems like you might even be more capable than i am in this feild

Thanks for the reply. It’s the first 3D model I ever created in my life and also my first animation, so I’m happy that you think it looks good so far. I also found my latest animation I made (2 more legs animated).

If someone is willing to end the animation (or do it from ground up) I’m willing to share the needed files (model + bones).

About fitting into stonehearth: I really think it should be a huge spider. Maybe nearly as big as a small house and it should be an endgame content enemy which is super strong and needs at least 2 or 3 full equipped soldiers to be beaten.


It is a nice animation and the spider looks great but stoneearth in genral goes for a somewhat somplistic and cute style. Even if it is very upscale it doesn’t mean that it necesarily needs more voxels.

A good example is the cthulu monster shown earlu in developement:

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