[Solved] Alpha 13 building brush mod no longer works

I made a trivial mod for alpha 13 which changed the appearance of the “log cabin” wall brush. The mod seems to have no effect in alpha 14 (Steam stable - build 524). There are no errors; the wall brush simply has the default appearance. I tried changing the manifest to use paths instead of aliases, and made a simplified version that didn’t require the building_brushes.json mixin (override model used only the two colors in the original model) to no avail. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Attached is a 7z archive containing the original version of the mod.

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You need to change in the manifest file the version (inside info) to 2 instead of 1.

That version is not your mod version, it is the game mod generation. It was needed because the game changed too much from previous versions. That’s the way to warn the game that your files are compatible with the new system.

That’s all I checked, so maybe there is more to change, I don’t know.


That was it, thanks so much!

Is there any single location where info like this is documented? I scanned the Dev Blog and forum but didn’t see anything obvious. There’s the Modding FAQ at gamepedia, but based on the out of date links to the Dev Blog I have to assume it doesn’t see much traffic. I fixed the links so I’ll go ahead and a note there about changing the file version, but I wonder if it’s just beating a dead horse?

Anyway, thanks again.

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I’m not sure, it’s more of “stay around” to know stuff. I’m always checking the topics and twitch streams, you always get bits of information from them.
This one about the version change was shown in more details around a14 development in a few twitch streams.

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Not really a single location, as modding is so fluid right now, but the change was mentioned in the dev blog when it was made, as well as here on the Discourse.