Smoke particle effect remains after demolishing a building

I wanted to remove this building that was being built, but after being removed the floor is still being ‘repaired’.

It has been like this for 2-3 in-game days now, is it meant to last this long? Am I just missing something?

Hi @Hitmontipx :slight_smile:

Just save and reload, it should make the smoke go away.

This was allegedly fixed at some point in the past, but there have been some cases recently.
Will remind the devs about it. Thanks for reporting!

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Hey there @DatInDaHat, welcome to the Discourse :smiley:!

Your video only shows the smoke continuing - can you share the details of what happened before:

  • How did you attempt to remove the building?
  • Was the game paused when you attempted to do so?
  • Is it possible you hit the remove button more than once?
  • Does the smoke persist after saving and reloading?
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Apparently it had to do with the UI, I’m able to reproduce it consistently:

  1. Build something:

  2. Select the building and, while paused, click on the “Remove” button and confirm:

  3. Exit building mode and deselect the building.

  4. Select the building again. The “Remove” button is still enabled, click on it again and confirm.

  5. Unpause the game (endless effect loop) :


This is exactly what I did in-game.

Thank you for pointing out the fix to me.

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Hi there,

the destruction animation of buildings (Smog) is sometimes bugging. Not disappearing, as well as the building itself. Only a restart helps.

When editing a house before building, I have to press again on the house icon, therefore first close and then reopen the editor to confirm and close the edit mode to build/save/discard the building.



Welcome to the forum, @mathieu :slight_smile:

I’ve merged your report here.

Could you explain a bit more what do you mean by:

what is the bug that you’re observing that needs closing and reopening the building editor?

I think I know what he/she means, because I’ve experienced the same thing if so.

Basically, when building anything, the button at the bottom of the building editor to stop editing and go to the screen that shows what materials will be needed and to then build, discard, or edit the building, is missing entirely.

There are only two ways I’ve found to make the button reappear: either exit the building editor completely, reopen it, and click on the building, or right click to deselect whatever building tool you were using last, and click on any part of the building.

This happens to me every time I use the building editor, so I’m not sure how to reproduce it if it isn’t happening to you. If I can help out in any other way, let me know.

Ah, I know what you mean, thanks for the explanation @Chief_0110 . It’s like somehow the building gets deselected and the buttons disappear. Will remind the devs about this. Hopefully when the UI is changed this will be solved.


I removed a building (a wall) I had designed because it wasn’t being built despite it saying it needed no more resources to be finished. After removal, the smoke it created isn’t going away.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build and then delete a designed object.

Expected Results:
Wall removed, smoke disappears.

Actual Results:
Smoke doesn’t disappear.


It was removed after restarting the game, but while the game was up the smoke wouldn’t go away.

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Summary: Dust doesn’t disappear when building is bulldozed

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build a structure
  2. Pause the time then remove the building twice
  3. Play the time again

**Expected Results:**Dust will eventually disappear

Actual Results: Dust got bugged and continuously does the animation of dust



Version Number and Mods in use: 0.19.0 release 687 better stockpiles mod and smart crafter mod

System Information:

This has been reported before, but the last report I could find was marked as resolved.

Clearly this exact case isn’t resolved. I followed your steps in Alpha 20 and also got endless dust.

Does it go away if you save the game and then load? I know that’s fixed this sort of issue before.

Just for completeness I have encountered this graphical bug today in the most recent release-695 (x64). A re-load of the file remedied the situation. I was trying to experiment with a cellar for future buildings. So I was building directly in a dug out hole.

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Yes a simple reload will fix the issue. :slight_smile:

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I destroyed a building and now the thing wont go away

I’m good at finding bugs :merry:

Upon reloading the save it was fixed

This is a pretty old bug, and it’s described differently every time, so finding a still running report for it took a bit of work searching.

Here’s the one I found, in case a moderator wants to merge this.

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