Slow during Idle?

This is another still life picture but if you look at the bottom, the bar is mostly idle. Occasionally there are spikes of bfs. Spikes, not of any significant connected length of time.

Hello @athenalras.
What did you want to point out here?
Are you having lag despite the bar is showing idle?
Is it happening just at night time or also during the day?

During both night and day. I don’t know whether to categorize it as lag or unresponsiveness.

What happens is that tasks are taken up and completed at a slower pace. I see jobs waiting to be done and eligible workers standing idle while some other jobs are being completed. It almost seems as if not every Hearthling can work at the same time but I may be wrong as it may be something else entirely than what it appears.

This has most likely to do with your system not being able to keep up with the number of hearthlings you’ve got. My advice: Stop getting new guys.

Which are your system specs, @athenalras ? (CPU, RAM, OS, Graphic card…)