Slicing View for Buildings

It almost definitely has been suggested before but I think the feature to slice buildings along with terrain was removed in Alpha 10.

Basically, for larger, more complex buildings, it would be nice to view floor by floor.

I thought the slicing tool would allow me to view each floor individually. Apparently I’m wrong.


Yeah its almost impossible and really frustrating to furnish/decorate a multi story building because you cant see floors easily at all.

They definitely need to fix that.


I agree with Adrianna, there are also some more problems with multi story buildings.

I agree :smile: See my earlier topic for further discussion (not that much of it there yet but still).

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Again: it used to. Crazy how many features everyone wants now used to be in earlier versions, albeit very unpolished.

Well, the slicing view can be fixed later. Engine related issues cannot.

The devs are working hard. I can’t work as hard. But they do have a lot of burden to bear. They are technically pioneers in a new genre.

Before you start crucifying me, I’ll explain why. We all know Dwarf Fortress. I love Dwarf Fortress. Currently, there is no other game out there on the market that can really compare to Dwarf Fortress.

The closest (and yet still so far) have been Rimworld (ehh…not really), Clockwork Empires (EA but pretty bad so far) and Gnomoria (DF:Blue Moon as Gnomoria:Miller’s Ultra Lite)

Yet, Stonehearth has the camera freedom that Gnomoria and DF do not. And at the same time, it offers a similar level, if not more. of potential complexity. And it does not depend on a single thread CPU. Because the more features Toady adds, the more dwarves that get severance pay from my fortress (but I’ll still play DF because it is just too awesome).

So while it may lack the bestiary, lore and world generation of DF, Stonehearth would be the first commercial release, using up-to-date industry standards, of a simulation game that offers x-y-z planes, a full world gen and (potentially) personalized buildings.

As such, Stonehearth is an extremely important game in the history of commercial gaming. And it should be the developers’ responsibility to be able to carry out their jobs thoroughly so as to set an industry standard for future games of the same genre with up-to-date industry standards.


Someone tell me if they read the whole thing…I tend to write elaborate messages. It’s a bad habit. Professors always get mad at my abstracts.


I read the whole thing. I personally haven’t played DF or any other closely related games. So I can’t judge wether or not this would be a new standard in gaming. So far I can see it, at the moment it has some distinct features such as the potential elaborate building of houses mechanic in combination with the city management aspect. The whole point I bought this game and watched it from the point it was on Kickstarter, is the fact that this game could possible let me build my medieavel town of imagination. By building I not only mean the aspect of building houses, farms etc. but also making gaurds be able to gaurd a storehouse. Maybe even making a king hearthling which could possible have a knights order underneath him etc (rambling now). Now to get back to the point imho the devs should definitly focus on bugs like slicing too. They should keep there bugs too a minimum and complete the core essential system first so that future users will be impressed with the core game.

I hope this all makes sense. Just started rambling.


I also read the whole thing @athenalras (and @Patrick_Slamp’s as well). I have played DF, but not most of the other games that have attempted to make a game inspired by it but using graphics (Towns, Gnomoria, Rimworld, Clockwork Empires, …), so I can’t comment on whether or not Stonehearth is unique in that regard.


i beg to differ, stonehearth actually has a rather deep lore system. the devs just have yet to implement it, as so far the “only” thing thats really been implemented in the lore category is the names of the months

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Really? It’s going to have the same amount of character detail, stats and nuances that exist in Dwarf fortress?

You mean my characters will have varying greediness, murderous intent and other personality traits?

And that the bestiary in stonehearth will be just as detailed when it comes to defining entire civilizations?

If I remember correctly, the Stonehearth devs never promised it to this degree.

I appreciate the comment 8bitcrab but try playing DF, reading all the description and modding DF. You’ll see an approximate amount of work if the Stonehearth Devs want to match Dwarf Fortress in terms of detail.

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I have also mentioned that the Stonehearth Devs are programming for multi-threading. Which is complicated and takes longer to write and get it right. But thankfully they are going through that painful process otherwise our PCs would have a painful time running Stonehearth lategame.


i will say i actually havent played DF :neutral_face:

not necessarily the same amount of detail, but the hearthlings will have traits, and for “lore” i meant more of a background/story, adding more depth to the game in that way.


You’re missing out, mate! :smiley:

hoping to get it soon. though my PC might not agree…

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Any commercially sold computer within the last ~10 years will be able to run DF.

DF isn’t GPU intensive but it is very CPU intensive. However, since the game was started before multi-threading became a thing, to run very large forts at a decent FPS, your CPU has to have very good CPU for single core.

If you do happen to take a look, make sure to use the starter pack (google DF starter pack) by Perry.

DF is the only game so far where I would say, “Try it at least once, for a few months” before you die.

With the new update coming out (taverns, visiting adventurers, music and poetry), its up to you if you want to wait a year for this next major update or to enjoy the current version now.


If you’re going to play DF, I’d say more vital than the starter pack is O’Reilly’s excellent guide to the game. I’ve played it without the starter pack just fine, (though I elect not to these days - no time for that!) but it’s not a noob-friendly game. At all. Every time I pick it up I have to grab my guide and brush up on this or that again.

Mouse interface mods are also a godsend.

As for Stonehearth, I agree that slice views for buildings is a pretty vital feature. Trying to place furniture by panning around with the walls-removed building views is somewhat doable, but far from user-friendly, and Stonehearth otherwise is such a marvellously friendly game that it becomes that much more apparent that this feature is lacking. Hoping to have slice view back soon. Would also help for building stairs in multistory buildings.