Slice Code for Buildings

I am working on a mod that will improve the slice mode. So it can work better for building underground cities. Whilst looking through the code (stonehearth.smod) for this, i found the files for the slice functions.

But, in it I see that buildings are excluded from this and rely on a ‘custom’ system for it (i think).

I can’t seem to locate that custom code for buildings. Could someone point me in the right direction on this ?

Thx in advance

(Maybe someone on the original team knows where this is located ?)

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One for @max99x or @Relyss then I’m guessing (I haven’t heared from any other modders digging into that part much yet)

If I remember correctly, it’s in building_vision_service.lua or something along those lines.

If you manage to do that I’ll really appreciate it. It is a feature, using the slice tool to see inside buildings, that I’ve looking for, for a long, long time.
Best of luck.

Have fun, Kyth.

You can use the slice tool if you make the floors roofs instead.

Yes, but then the roofs disappear when you use the lower-walls button. I never liked using roofs as floors because of that. I rather have the slice tool affect buildings too.

Have fun, Kyth.

It’s on the feature list for ACE, so please consider contributing it if you succeed or collaborating with ACE so we’re not duplicating effort.

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