Sleeping in destruction dust

So at one point my poor little worker was stuck in the wall of a building, the two man sleeping cottage she just build, I’ve seen that bug report passing by, but unfortunate it’s not what the problem was.
As I have a standard policy that: nobody citizen of my villages will ever die, or restart/load - I had no choice but to tear the newly created building down… as the dust was settling… as the dust of the destruction was supose to settle… I eagerly build the same building on the exact same spot. However it never settled, at first it was somewhat amusing, my new building up in the clouds, but soon my obssessive compulsive disorder started kicking in.

Steps to reproduce:
(I did not reproduce it (have to go to work, hope I don’t get stuck in my work today :S)

  1. Build 2 man sleeping cottage
  2. Tear it down (worker stuck under the roof)
  3. Rebuild the same cottage

Expected Results:

Actual Results:


Version Number and Mods in use:
release-707 - unmodded, 444f9ac4-da73-11e5-a261-90fba6465780
System Information:

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If you click on the stuck Hearthling, open the console (crtl+c), type reset, and then hit enter, it will get them out of things like this. Just to help with future cases.

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There are 2 instances of this bug. One that fixes on save reload and one that doesn’t.

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