Shinonome, the red dragon (build)

so, this was originally supposed to be just a small part of my next build, just a bit of decor in the background, but it turned into this 142 block tall mega build that took a week to design and it took 40 of my hearthlings a further 9 full hours to build with game speed set to 5, tomorrow (as it’s pretty late for me here in the UK) i will be uploading this to the steam workshop and putting together a guide on how the 4 template’s fit together, as for now, i will leave you with these screenshot’s
(and bonus point’s for anyone who know’s where i got the name Shinonome) :wink:



Mind-boggling! As usual.



template is now up on steam Steam Workshop :: Shinonome, The Red Dragon (template's)
just a couple of points to note.

  • This guide has been made very simple, i wanted anyone to be able to follow, from the new players to the veterans.

  • All template’s will spawn at the correct height, but they must be alligned once you first spawn them in, using shift key to move them after they are placed will cause them to become unbuildable.

  • You will need to keep an eye on your hearthling’s, the dragon is hollow and they will find themselves in place’s they cant get out of without your help.

  • Lastly, the hearthling building process was brutal, i have a pretty good PC, but the amount of ladders and scaffolding they will create caused pretty bad lag spike’s, especially in bad weather. If you don’t think your PC is up to it, it might be best just to instant build.

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Hope you enjoy this build and i hope this guide help’s