Shepard in need of serious fixing

The shepard is the most broken class in the game… and it can be attributed primarily to its super slow movement speed which is completely unnecessary… it spends about 80-90% of its time slowly trying to move around and bring in new animals… so it has no time to feed the animals it currently has… not to mention the animals themselves can open the gate to their own pen and escape all on their own meaning once again the shepard has to painfully slowly return them to their pens in an endless cycle resulting in them never being harvested for meat on command and never being fed.

Is the super slow movement speed on the shepard really necessary at this point?
And animals shouldnt be able to open the gate to their pen… but they do all the time and escape.

As a side thing i believe if the shepard reaches the maximum number of animals in the pen it should automatically harvest one and make room for more (this will allow it to automatically collect resources like poyo meat which is necessary for cooking without having to manually tell the shepard to kill them all the time) Even better if you could tell the shepard to kill after a certain number so you could say keep 4 poyos and then anymore past that would be harvested for meat. (which would also allow you to select the maximum number so that none are ever butchered)


I would add to this that the Shepard collects animals that are already in their area, causing them to follow him out of the pen when he goes to sleep or eat lunch.

Yes! Please fix the Herder…Most of my animals run around in a mob trying to follow the sheperd, who is just going to eat etc.

I agree with this but I think that the shepard should have a movement speed INCREASE, so that they can get more animals. I also should think that it should be a requirement to have at least a 5x5 picket fenced area, and then that will be your housing pen for your animals. The idea where the shepard harvests animals automatically is a good idea, but it should be the cook that does that, for that to happen there should be a new cooking item that allows that to happen. These are just suggestions and I have no clue what will happen to the shepard if these exact changes were implemented; will he be a priority after the trapper, or is he just a useless class atm. Something else that could be cool is that he has the option to tame beasts like wolves and bears and be able to defend himself when he’s going out and finding animals, or even better, make a hunter class that upgrades from footman, then have them be able to have pets! I’m just thinking out loud and putting it into words, I don’t know that’d be pretty dang cool if we could have hunters with wolves defending our great kingdoms. :blush:

a beasttamer sorta class is planned i think… it will be an evolution of the shepard and will train combat pets.