Shelter for Pets

Maybe I have missed this one but since my little buddys got slaughthered again … :glum:
and since we have nothing we can do to protect our little guys I want to suggest an “easy” way
to, at least, protect them from harm.

Give the Carpenter a recipe to build a shelter, house (like a dog house) for the small residents.
And when the Alarm rings (Town Alert Mode!) they will run to it and hide themselfs till the battle is over.

Enemies should ignore those shelters :slight_smile:

Later maybe those houses could act like a permanent house for each pet where they live and play around and don’t walk too far away?

Come on devs, you do not want to see this little buddys getting gurt, don’t you?


We must act now. #SaveTheBunnies!


Wow, this is true - I’ve never really thought about it, but you are indeed correct!
We need this :smiley:

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Shelter for farm animals would be great too, like chicken coops or barns for sheep


Simply as aestetic items, or with similar funtionality as suggested by groms? (e.g., sheep run “home” during Town Alert Mode)

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I second this.

maybe it is even something that can be done in A22.5, scince it is a quality of life improvement and has a small scale (at least how I see it.)


Having the functionality would make it awesome

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Maybe pet can stay more close to its owner so when town alert mode activated, pet will follow its owner.