SHED suggestion

At the Entity Stat Browser, add a 5th tab, for food items :wink:
Now that we are getting a few more food options in game, it would help a lot with balancing modded items. With a sorted list we could easily figure where our own items should be in comparison to other items.
Sorting by gold value, satisfaction, quality, etc… If it is a container and with how many stacks, or if it is a single item, if it is for a meat diet or vegetarian.

With the current shed I can already check the gold value. By using filters to only display items with the text “food”, then sorting by gold, then sorting by category. I can see all the items from the same category ordered by gold value:

I can see that my fish and crab are where I wanted them. But I can also see some strange things, like the corn meal is super overpriced? And all meat has the same price, which I guess should not be the case after correcting balancing them, as some are better or rarer then others.


I would also think about crops because if someone mods new food it often comes paired with custom crops.

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So I kinda did it in a spreadsheet: (9.0 KB)

Colors are just a visual aid and are automatically set based on cells values. It can also be ordered by any column.

I know that we don’t need to be ultra precise with the values, but this kinda of data helps a lot. For example, sorting by satisfaction we can see that bug meat and jerky have a way way higher satisfaction than the meat stews where they are used as ingredients, meaning it is better to eat the raw meat. Or that there is a huge gap in some values, or that the gold value of an item is sometimes way off compared to similar food items and its other features.


Weird how jerky and bug meat get such a bigger improvement with chairs than bread/eggs/cake.