SGT2 Bug: False frame rate responses

Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this issue, but with all of my overlay software, SH displays to be running at a frame rate that is not actually correct. When I am in game, it says I am running at 4-23 FPS while recording, but I am actually running at a solid 60. This has happened with MSI Afterburner (On my other PC) FRAPS (On both PC’s) and ATI Tray tool (On my main PC).

Also, the send data button does not appear, not sure if it only stays visible for a short time, but I am pretty sure that isn’t the case.

This is my hardware on both computers, only difference is that the other PC is running the MSI version of the Radeon HD 7870.

CPU: Intel i5 3470k
GPU: GIGABYTE Radeon HD 7870 (2gb OC edition with no manual overclocking done)
RAM: 4GB (1333MHZ) Unknown Manufacturer
HDD: Western Digital Caviar Black (1TB)

All drivers and software have been updated to the latest versions.

went ahead and tossed this in bug reports, just in case…

Oops, missed that category. I was too busy trying to find my happy place.

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