Settler's Rights (Unionize!)

If people are going to love these settlers and say, “Awwww… Look at them,” than people must care about them.

If you care about them than you want whats best for them.

In that case you want them to be happy. So they deserve basic rights.

I suggest that the settlers get an “unhappiness meter”. If the settlers are unhappy about where their boss got them, than they shall unionize!

The Settlers’ Rights Union (SRU) will make sure that the settlers are happy. If they aren’t. Lets just say you’ll figure it out pretty soon. We’re talking petitions, strikes, lawsuits, protests, marches, you name it.

With the SRU, cruel leaders (and nice leaders, lets face it settlers are nitpicky) will be me with uprisings. So unionize today, for a better tomorrow. You wouldn’t take away their rights would you?

I rest my case…


Ah, protesting Hearthlings! A lot cuter than Rimworld’s mental breaks, but still potentially dangerous for the good of your colony. I like it!


Yes, Rimworld unlike Stonehearth does not poses the advantages of a civilized world. I doubt they have unions in Rimworld. Such a shame.

these… these are the bane of my gaming existence… :smile:

as for @Killer_Kappuccino’s suggestion… what would the player potentially do to cause the units to be upset? i suppose not providing food/shelter?


One upsets the union by not treating the settlers as a priority. They deserve healthcare benefits, 401ks, and other basic privileges. As for the hearthians, they get upset when they aren’t respected by “the man”. They are simple people with simple demands.

Yet the setup is such that the settlers end up, at least from their standpoint, self governed. The player does not play a general or a dictator, but more of an unseen guide planting ideas in the heads of the Hearthlings as a whole, who then squabble over who does it and then get it done.

Your idea could work under the influence of the evil Lawyer faction that is planned for the distant future, though. The Lawyers/Evil Trade Organization sows seeds of discontent… which may eventually lead to unionization.

Other than that, the pressures that lead to unionization in the real world do not exist in Hearthstone, at least as of yet – there are no factories with horrible working conditions, and everything has a very cottage industry vibe to the crafting process. Single Hearthlings in small workshops.



Yup. Pirates/Ninjas/Politicians could do this.

Still, tantrum spirals might be FUN! to, ahem, discourage particularly bad rulers :wink: .