Settlement Location Boundary Frame

Two suggestions for the settlement location chooser:

  1. A return button – There’s no way of going back a step, you have to start a game once you’ve reached this screen.
  2. A frame showing the map you will be working in:

Currently, this is the settlement location screen:

My suggestion would add a highlighted frame of map size X, Y centered around the cursor showing the boundaries of the map surrounding your chosen location:

Furthermore, it would be constrained to areas within the greater map you are choosing from:


I thought I was going crazy when I realized you don’t use the full map, thus I love this. That being said, and it may be answered elsewhere, but why do they only use a small portion of said map?


I don’t know why… Thought I don’t think my machine would be able to run bigger maps. You can experiment with the map size in your user_settings.json. Have a look on the forum, I think there are instructions on how to do it!

I’m good with it right now, but I love if that’s an option. Thanks.

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Memory. It’ll get bigger eventually, but for now, well, it IS an Alpha…