Settlement Banner's Important Role

Once i watched the multiplayer test, i got a little bit of an idea on the usefulness of a banner other than aesthetics.

Suggestions banner should:

  1. Act like torches in minecraft in which, creates a safe haven of distances so mobs can’t spawn near bannered area (although that how it works in single player i suppose, but i meant for multiplayers) especially for pvp multiplayers where each villages need to have a distance (so no early trolling).

  2. Banner as a property maker (as in if a banner is put unto an area, that area will become a safe area for building new settlement).

  3. Settlement with different names (this is just if possible, so that banner is used to name a new settlement just like our start).


Not quite. The game marks where the player has and hasn’t built, and “maps” the area around the player’s buildings. It then generates enemies a certain distance from this “area”. So the banner doesn’t really matter when it comes to enemy spawns.

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the banner is useful because that’s how you control where hearthlings gather when on alert mode

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what if there were user made maps with ruins in them? sort of like a pubg start

I think a better solution would be to not spawn mobs in an area around where your hearthlings last visited within X amount of days. this way its not tied to a structure but hearthling activity. less patrols mean more mob spawns. instead of less buildings mean more mob spawns. to me this makes a lot more sense.

for example if I go camping in a forest the animals will avoid the camp site and anywhere I go for awhile, they don’t require that I build a house first. the only time a person would have to worry is if they cook food or prepare meat and leave it out in the open, and have rotten food in the open.

to me this idea of campsite cleanliness would decrease your chances of an encounter by mobs significantly but not entirely. so one of the first goals would be to create storage for your food goods. this would also discourage over-farming to meet the daily goals. it may be a better idea to craft furniture and trade it for food instead etc