Settings AA-Slider


i dont know if this is a bug or if its only was forget to set it back ^^ but the AA-Slider in the settings has at the moment only Off and Slide1 (a little bit) - originally it was 4 (with ln18 for the en.json).

sooo im realy dont know if its a feature or because of bugfixing it was forget to set it back ^^ i have changed for the moment the name of slider1 from “a little bit” to “on” xD

but im honestly i have changed it back to 4 possible settings and there are no changes between 2 and 4 - so i think its not implented anymore or off and on are enough now ^^

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i dont know why i remember this now but

99 little bugs in the code
99 little bugs in the code
Take one down, patch it around.

127 lttle bugs in the code…



Ha! Certainly seems to be the case, doesn’t it?

Heh. Right now, it’s only on/off (I replaced the old MSAA code with much faster/smaller SMAA code). In the future, we’ll probably include temporal SMAA, which will add another AA level, so I figured just leave the slider as-is. It does look a little odd right now, though :slight_smile:


Ahhhh thank you for the reply @not_owen_wilson :smiley: so i will only change the info from “a little bit” to “on” in the en.json - so it doenst look odd :wink:

little info as well because i dont know if @tom has mention my or steves message :wink:

firepit_effect -> second Sound renamed to Sound2 for the Mixin
Ironpike -> ilevel 1337 to 6
footmen -> xp per hit from 2 to 10

green_firepit_effect doenst work correct (loop of ignite sound because he use a mixin to
the normal fire and has two entites named Sound there. -> Jonzoid has
helped with this ^^
iron_pike.json - i have set it to 6 because the dagger has also level 7 but deals more damage ^^
footman_description.json - i have set it to 10 so the leveling isnt so fast but you doesnt need
lots of swordmens to stay alive ^^

issues also present in 256 ^^