Seagull animated

This is my seagull, using the animation table of a poyo :forlorn:

After @malley stream yesterday, I wonder, if I were to make my own animations, how I would import it into the game?
I was using blender, because there was a plugin there to convert animation into .json usable by the game. My problem is that I couldn’t even start there. And from the stream we left with the impression that Maya is better for this. But without any of the custom scripts Malley created to assist him, it is possible to export to stonehearth with Maya alone?

~~(Animation noob)


hehe, That’s awesome! And honestly doesn’t look half bad : ). Reminds me of seagulls running across the beach ; ).

So I have heard about that blender exporter, but I haven’t used it (I believe @Hyrule_Symbol does, so maybe ask them) - though I believe it works fine. You could work in Maya if you want (its pretty good at animation), but its also extremely expensive (I don’t own a copy myself, I can only use it at the office). Its possible you could get a student copy… but I think they may have stopped doing that (?) and if its still going on, you probably need an .edu email address. And then if you had that, you would still need my export script (or to write your own). : /.

I’m sorry its not an easier option, but I’ll try to figure out whether or not we can give out my script stuff again. One thing for sure is that I need to clean up the scripts, they’re super messy right now. And I’d like to add scale to our rigs, which means a lot of rework for the scripts as well.


Thanks. There is a lot of things still needed to make that seagull work “half good” lol. I need to make it always fly (no stopping in mid-air) or add code (and animation) for both land and air movements… It is too hard for such a simple ambient mob :sweat_smile:

You can, here: Student and Education Software | 1-Year License | Autodesk Education Community

I made an account, but I will not download it for now without an export option to game. I guess I will try more with blender later. I’m going back to coding a few more encounters instead, the animation stuff can wait for now.

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Do you know if we would be allowed to make fish? Or would that be considered more of a dormant feature?

I think there is no problem with fish.


Feel free to make fish if you want, but you would need to do all the coding yourself as well.

I believe the ‘dormant feature’ rule you speak of says something like “please don’t release any work which we have half finished”. Like the “angry” emote is currently in the game, but not currently used. As far as I know, there is no work on fish or other aquatic life - so I think its fair game : ).

Ah, so you don’t need a .edu email account, but you do need to tell them which educational institute you are attending and when. Sadly I am not currently, though I really should go back to school on weekends and such for various reasons.


honestly, that’s actually surprisingly good? i mean, it is clunky for many reasons, but i wouldn’t say it’s bad by the least, especially considering it’s not even a animation for a creature with such wide wings

i could help you out with blender if you want, it’s pretty straight forward after you get a hang of it
and it’s free, which is nice

the whole animation principle thing i can only help a little on, it just has to like… ‘Click’ as far as my experience goes

for the use of blender, i heard the Video’s by VoxelPirate will help a lot, i just skipped most of it, which was my bad, but i definitely suggest checking them out if you want to go the blender rout, and ask me for stuff you didn’t get

also Thank you @malley for throwing me under the bus there at the end of the stream! it was really nice of you and Stephie to… mention me (and i’m not being sarcastic)


Don’t worry, I’ll throw you under the bus any time ; ). (Unless you’d like me to stop of course.)


Judging from the image you did it, right?

No, that is the poyo animation, already in-game.
Like in the stream where he shows us that the stonelings are using the goblins animations.

My question was more like, after I’m done animating it in the software, how it would generate the .json needed for the game.

I’ve done it before, although only once. Which soft are you using for modelling?
If it’s Qubicle, better ask @Hyrule_Symbol, but if by chance it is Magica, I guess I can explain.
(Rayya, am I being useful for once? Sheesh.)

I use VoxelShop for modelling and Magica for rendering (and color picking, because it has better lights). But why the modelling software is important? All I need is an .obj exported to the maya/blender, then everything else is there, isn’t it?

I’ve found it’s a little more tricky than that since there are some differences in axis outlay in software.
Wait a bit, searching.

Edit: here you are Need help with modelling!
It’s been a while but I guess it still works. Basically you use Magica for modelling and exporting parts of your model as separate files for Blender (which you later animate). Then slice your actual model into matrices with VoxelShop. Then combine the animations you got from Blender (with a script you’ve mentioned earlier, both Hyrule and I used it too) and your voxelshopped model.

Uhm, sounds hard… Because magica has no layers (matrices). If all that is just because of wrong axis orientation, isn’t easier to just rotate the object before/after exporting?
In the newer Voxelshop there is a z-axis orientation option in the export menu, I guess it is for this reason?

Not really hard. Saving model parts is as simple as cloning your model file, then deleting fragments of the model and exporting (with new Magica selection tool it’s even easier).
And yes, perhaps new VoxelShop version doesn’t have this problem with Z-axis inversion option. If you’re going to try it please write how it goes :wink:

As for rotating, like I wrote in that old post, changing Z-up to Y-up (and vice versa) is as simple as rotating, yes. Transition from right-hand basis to left-hand basis and back is done with axis inversion (change of direction). You can’t achieve this by rotations alone.