Scaffolds and low ceilings

Not sure if this has been noted in another topic or if I am the only person that likes to do this, but I like to put a wall with a double door in front of my mine entrance just for the look of things. The trouble is that since I am building the wall a bit higher than the cave entrance I run into a little problem half the time. If the workers build the scaffolding outside the mine then I am good. If they build the scaffolding inside the mine, they have no actual room to stand on the scaffold to work and I start a long and frustrating ritual of making and deleting ladders to make my own scaffolds outside.

Recreating this is as simple as digging a hole facing the right direction and making a wall in front of it. If the scaffold pops inside the cave you can see the trouble easily.

While using the wall tool, it should make a “scaffolding footprint” on the ground, unless things have changed majorly since I last checked. If this is facing inside, delete your wall, and make a new wall from the other direction [by switching the order of points.] If I need to be more clear, please ask!

I know, it’s still annoying. They’re supposed to overhaul building in a few alphas, though, so don’t worry.

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Very helpful information if I understood it properly. I hadn’t noticed the footprint changed with the direction you are making the walls. I shall have to remember that next time around. Thanks!

If you want the scaffolding to face towards you, drag it left to right. If you want it on the other side, go right to left. Makes making outer walls safer if you want to keep the goblin hordes out

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Man, if I had a dollar for each time I have done it the wrong way on an outside antigoblin wall and then had to work out how to rescue the worker(s) trapped on the other side after they took down the scaffolding etc…