Saved template is unplacable (corrupted JSON?)

There were a couple other posts about this topic, but they didn’t quite touch on this issue.

In the latest dev release, saving a template created the file but it can’t be placed in the world. The JSON of the saved template is attached.

To reproduce, put the JSON in the template directory and try to place it in a world. All that can be seen is a red ‘x’ from the cursor and no placement ghost is seen.

Additionally, when I tried to build the original template only the first floor walls were built, the foundation and floors were never built and no dirt was removed. (20.2 KB)

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Yeah, there are many posts out there mentioning that their designs either don’t get built or can’t be placed down. In silly cases it’s just that the template is touching some object on the ground: a tree / flower / etc. But normally there are buildings that just can’t be built on one go.

Thanks for uploading the template!

I have the same problem with placing the template into the world
inn (6.7 KB)
also the world save is here for the actual build being taken place if you need to reference it or just need another world save to test Dropbox - - Simplify your life

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