Save the [Insert Tameable Animal Here] | {Suggestion/Bug}

Currently, small animals, when they’re tamed by the shepherd, can climb up ladders. However, much like the cliche of cats in trees, they can’t get back down. This typically leads to their starvation.

Because obviously saving the small, adorable animals is a #1 Stonehearth development issue, I imagine this will get addressed immediately.

More realistically, I figured this should just be brought up - it’s certainly not that big of a deal, and although it is a little sad, it’s something I didn’t notice until I just left my town running for a bit, and had animal skins I had never bought appearing on top of buildings. Either fixing the AI so that animals don’t go up/can go down buildings would be ideal, but it would also be nice to put the lootable command* onto items which are above ground level - i.e., on the roof?

*the thing from the combat menu that lets you mark items with the little gold icon, and provides you with a draggable square space.

Some screens: