Non climbing animals

would it be possible to disable animals from using ladders?I think that unless the game has monkeys or other animals know too climb that animals are not able too use ladders.


Ya I think this is a great idea because since this is a strategy game I think they should force the player to figure out and think how to get his animals to a pasture–maybe like real life where farmers actually have to build some sort of ramp for their animals.


1st it’s just an enginge thing, they haven’t really implemented “height” calculation for the ai, so ladders are just walkable terrain, hearthlings and enemies can’t fight while standing on ladders and they walk and don’t climb on it. If they try to hit an enemy they always fall down…
2nd for the engineer elevator would be neat, so you don’t need to build long ramps to reach higher areas. Also trapdoors with retracable ladders or climbing rope would nice, to make areas “animal safe” since only humanoid beings can climb, hearthlings, undead, goblins and orks…