Salt mining or more like not finding any

I’ve tried half a dozen times to find salt to mine and have yet to find a map that has it? Is anyone else having this issue? I have all the mods Dani suggests but still no luck. :frowning:

Has anyone else found this issue?

The people demand salt!!! Also is there a console command you can add it?

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Have you added Trapper+ after starting your game? If so, salt nodes will not be generated (they are created when the world is generated and if the world was generated before the mod was added, they won’t be there)

What biome are you using? Some outdated/poorly set-up biomes will not use the game’s default mining tables or landmarks/ore veins

And yes, you can spawn it using debug tools. Don’t need a console command, just use the entity spawner tool and look for salt

Thanks Dani, no I added Trapper + plus all the other mods it suggested and started a brand new save. I’ve mostly played with the Ascendency (in their preferred biome) but just tried it with the Desert tribe too and no luck. I tried another Ascendency save and got a trader to come that had salt so I bought all I could and that helped. Still haven’t found any mining though.

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Hmmm, I see…

Try looking on the sides of mountains! You must be close to see (mining nodes will only reveal themselves when close to the “revealed” area of the map - so you can’t really see nodes when you’re placing the banner or on far away mountains, you have to get there.

So try getting close to some mountains or hills and look on their sides! Salt nodes should be very white, similar to silver!

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