Is there a way to get a word seed that doesent generate water

as the title says im looking to get my hands on a world seed where water is not generated

well if you don’t want water, why don’t you just select an area of the world to settle in that doesn’t have water in the borders of the selection of the map?

i cant seem to find a seed with enough space for that to occour i clicked in one spot that had 0 water and it still spawned a 16x16 patch of water

i clicked an aread that didnt have water and

well why is that small amount of water such a big deal to you exactly? water doesn’t server any purpose so it’s not like having it or not having it would hurt your playthrough. You COULD just build a giant block and fill the space that has the water and just IB it. voila no more water.

mining is a problem with current water physics
and i like flattening my worlds

well if you don’t touch the water. how is that a problem with mining?

i like flattening my worlds

hmmm well I’m not so sure that’s entirely 100% possible if you can’t find a seed that doesn’t spawn water.

i found one after like 100 dice clicks