.RTS style Game Balance


Hay this Is Christian J or Cow for cow. My first post.
So I’m stoked on this game because it looks a bit like a RTS-RPG.
Growing up one of my favorite games was Red Alert 2 Yuri’s revenge.

Now I understand that this game has massive diferences from pure RTS games but I think that this games Co-op and PVP modes could seriously produce some wicked RTS style gameplay. Especially if there were different playable factions. I Could play as the Bunnies my friend could be the orks (etc.) and we could kill each other. The diference between this and other RTS games would be the construction and the amount of time, i could see an S-hearth pvp game taking a very long time, and I do think that that would be a blast.

Orcs-> powerful mechanical contraptions -> scary giant cave trolls.
Bunnies-> faster cheeper unit production (bunnies breed crazy fast right?)-> mega bunny w/ carrot launcher super unit?

Im just tossing ideas out there but i think that this game with appropriate and well tuned game balance could become an amassing RTS-RPG which is an underrepresented genre.

Also when I say cheeper units I’m assuming there is a way to get more civilians to move into your towns.

Tell me if you think online PVP like this sounds fun and how important is game balance to you?


I believe PvP is going to work by having a copy of your city and their city pitted against one another, with no real damage being done, just seeing the destruction you can do. Unless I am misinformed, which is possible. So, in essence, the time it takes to get into PvP is only as long as it takes you to be satisfied with your defenses.


You are partially correct. That is one form of PVP that is currently on the books. Equally, there is consideration for multiplayer on the same map, and Hardcore mode survival servers. There are many goals and ideas for PVP; but the raiding a copy of other cities is the one that is currently marked as achievable without being anti-fun for players who were subject to the PVP ;3


I like the idea of bunnies burrowing under walls to destroy them!