Fast-paced PvP?

I’m really excited for Stonehearth’s release. What I’m most excited to see is a mode similar to the Warcraft or Starcraft series(Stronghold Crusader anyone?). You know, the fast paced, head to head, micro vs macro kind of play that you see in many RTS’s. I’m wondering if vanilla Stonehearth will have a mode like this or if it would have to come from modding. If it is the latter, are there already idea’s for those mods in the works? I’d also love to know everyone else’s thought on the subject!

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Stonehearth at its core is a City Building game and not really an RTS.

As far as I am aware, there will be no micro elements to combat units such as Squad X go here and attack.

However, its still early days and who’s to say what’s set in stone?

I don’t recall seeing any combat centric mods announced by the community yet, probably because of how early in development the game is and none of those elements are fleshed out at the moment.


SHCX (Stronghold Crusader Extreme) is a vary fast RTS but i do not thank Stonehearth will be as much a RTS and a City builder but from what i understand you can play how you want such as if you want to fight a lot people will attack you more? and they will have different game modes so we can hope one is of a super fast RTS like thing perhaps

Stonehearth by nature avoids micro management, and I personally hope it stays that way. This game appeals to me because it’s so much different than your standard RTS (Warcraft, Starcraft)

However, a pvp-combat mod i’m sure will be built at some point, so even if vanilla doesn’t have what you want, don’t worry. :smile:

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I expect we’ll see a mod doing something like this, but thematically I can’t say it fits in with the rest of Stonehearth at all.

I think if you want a more Stonehearth-y PvP mode, it’d end up being more like the battles in the Total War games - ie you set patrol / waypoint paths for squads, the other guy does the same, and then (more or less) sit back and watch the carnage.

Edit: Also, should this belong to the Suggestions category?

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I can only echo what has already been said. The vanilla game is going to be very hands off in terms of control, it will not have the fine precision needed to mimic full scale military tactics. It is just that way by design, but I don’t think it will be long after release when a mod will move in to suit your needs…

They have only just added basic combat, so such mods are far off on the horizon. Micro heavy RTS type mods should certainly be possible though as the core game progresses.

I haven’t played those games you mention, but If you are looking forward to online multiplayer RTS action… you have a long wait ahead of you.

Hi! Does anyone know if there is any plans of creating some sort of a “real” PvP mode?
By what I have been playing this, it seems like it could be an awesome “slow paced” RTS.
(the persistant world backing goal that was never achieved would have been great ;’(. I just didn’t have 200k$ to throw around…)

But will at least some basic skirmish mode be available? As that would make the agme instantly MUCH more interesting

+Oculus? I would absolutely love to see the world become real with the characters being ~2cm tall, it would give you a fantastic sense of power, and fit well in a skirmish. Come on, what is better than watching tiny people conquer tiny cities with their tiny catapults?

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[quote=“DoctorPC, post:1, topic:8150, full:true”]Hi! Does anyone know if there is any plans of creating some sort of a “real” PvP mode?
By what I have been playing this, it seems like it could be an awesome “slow paced” RTS.[/quote]
Eh, hosting multiplayer games shouldn’t be a big issue, but as for the combat… yeah we need the combat engine to be more developed first :wink: .

Oculus Rift support was discussed recently, in short if it happens as an official thing it’ll be much later, but in principle modders can muck around with it right now, given that the Horde3D graphics engine that Radiant uses can be messed with :slight_smile: .

hey there @DoctorPC … welcome aboard! :smile:

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yes, definitely. I myself just see it as adding so much more depth to the game to have you not only build cities, but castles, and adding another layer on planning the layout. Right now you just got to make sure everything works, but adding PvP would mean you also have to balance for the defensive traits of your resident.

Yep, I didn’t mean it to be done very soon (hell, the bloody thing isn’t even out yet), but more as a long term goal.

well thanks! : ) (why do they not separate “:D” & “:)”… I myself like to express the amount of happiness too in my smileys :P)


I started a topic about this a bit over a week ago, the implementation isn’t straight forward (from a modding perspective) to leverage the OVR SDK. After the initial implementation there would have to be a lot of changes to the UI, or at minimum, unglue it from the screen.

I am still looking into modding it, but I’m first trying to get used to how the engine works; there are people who have made the Rift work with source access to a pure Horde3D engine, but the devs have “heavily modified” Horde3D for Stonehearth. If you have modding/programming skills, we can continue discussion in that thread, I’m not above asking for help when I’m in over my head.

And as @Teleros mentioned, the devs have a lot of other things on their mind at this point, so don’t expect anything from them for quite a while.

While I have the very basic knowledge of the industry practices, what games consist of, and somewhat how everything works, I don’t think I will be able to give any exact help at any point. I could help figure out some general direction, but I think it is safe to assume I know nothing you don’t when it comes to this.

I think I’ve heard talk of you and your friends being able to raid each others towns possibly, that sounds like the closest to what you want which will be officially put in?

Stonehearth’s a pretty laid back, cutesy city management game, so I don’t expect PvP to center around APM. Besides, as it is you gain citizens too slowly for resource micromanagement to be a thing. I’m fine with tactical movement (trying to flank, keeping ranged units behind melee, et cetera) as that seems like a fun way to handle combat without requiring obsessive micro, but anything where your APM is being challenged seems a bit excessive for the vanilla game.