Rotate farms and decided which lines to use

Maybe a weird title but I have no other way to describe it.

Right now the orientation of the farms seem to be coordinate based. So they are always horizontal in a certain direction and Line of crops, then a line of dirt and then a line of crops again. However this leads to 2 problems. Let’s say you make a field of 3x5.

  1. If you make a field vertically. you get (in the best scenario) 3 small lines of 3 plant-able locations. If you make the field horizontal however you can get two lines of 5. Beyond the obvious one crop less per field reason, ascetically having multiple small lines of crops or longer lines should be a choice.

  2. As the fields seems to work with a global coordinates, I often create a field (let’s again say 3x5) where I have a single line of plant-able dirt and two useless lines of dirt.

Sum these two up and you can end up with a field of only 6 crops instead of the ideal 10 crops. A loss of 40% simply because you guessed the orientation and location wrong.

So the most basic suggestion is to let the player choose to which vertical or horizontal lines on a field can be used to plant crops. The more advanced suggestion however is a more harvest moon/stardew valley kind of farming. Where the player has free reign to decide what to plant were. (micro managing) Taken into account that a heartling must be able to reach it and even space (make larger crops take multiple spaces, 3x3 for example for a full grown tree)


A simpler option - at least for now - would be to force farm plots to always be multiples of two - ie 2x2, 4x4, 6x2, etc. That way half the plot will always be crops. It will also prevent gaming the current model whereby a one-wide strip aligned correctly allows you to double the number of plants you can farm. Sure, if you align it “wrong” under my solution then you may have gaps between the crops, but at least you won’t lose out in terms of space.