Rooves can't deal with weird floor designs

Title: Rooves can’t deal with weird floor designs.

Summary: When you create a really wild floor design, such as a 1-block thick zig zag pattern, and put a roof on it, the roof doesn’t really know what to do and decides to make some really awesome designs.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Layout a floor plan that’s highly unusual (such as a zig zag pattern).
  2. Put down some walls.
  3. Put a roof on that thing!

Expected Results: A normal, bland, and boring roof.

Actual Results: A roof with modern artistic ideals in mind,


Versions and Mods: Alpha 4

System Information: Windows 8.1 64-bit


After a LOT of thinking by my citizens (they didn’t know what to do, until they were distracted by eating, after which they began building again), they actually built the house! (A different house, but the same problem nonetheless)


The Hive Queen has claimed your base, human。


It looks like the place was hit with an Earthquake, then proceeded to be destroyed by a Meteor, and then sat on by Cthulhu.

@sdee, this ties nicely into your request here:

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Wow! Wow wow wow! These are so awesome I wonder if it’s a feature and not a bug. :wink:

Hey @ponder, I told you that my T-shaped “Yosemite Lodge” designs were conservative!

Edit: Evidently, our dudes are 1000 years ahead of the architectural curve.

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