Roads as terrain

Not sure if it is possible, but reading since I have joined, with geomancers a lot of the base systems might be tweaked.

If so I would really like to see ‘Roads’ be changed to a type of terrain.

  1. (and to me this would be one of the more important). It is vary annoying to have the ‘roads’ stay visible when using the slice tool to delve into a mountain.

  2. If a terrain, then a single section could be changed/removed, rather then having to do the entire section.

As a related note:

I would love to see a ‘slab tool’ style editor but that edited the terrain, NOT a ‘building’. While ‘gameplay’ wise most of this would probably be covered by the geomancer, it seems the system would have to exist (thus possibly a debug tool) before the geomancer could do it Secondly it seems SOME ability should be available outside of the geomancer. I.E. allow workers to ‘fill’ a whole with dirt.

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