Roadmap suggestion

I would like to strongly suggest the developers to follow the “city builder” aspect of the game before going too deep into the combat mechanics. The reason being that I believe it will be a lot funnier for us testers to be able to test a full part of the game, and once it is moderately stable, start worring about other aspects. But here is the kicker: you need something to protect, so it seems natural that we get better city building (and with it, classes/jobs related to it) so the enviroment/animals/enemies have something to crush =p

I would like to be able to start building strongholds before I have to test real battle :wink: why? because I would be “safe” to test and fool around different methods on the battle mechanics without worring that my town might be leveled and I have to start again just to test strong enemies, makes sense?

SURE I am being egotistical … I just want part of the game functional so I can jump into it right away >.>

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At least just add the mason so we can make stone castles.

Easier said than done I’m afraid…

Yes, but since it will be worked on eventually, I would like to see it as a priority.

I’m all for it, I would love to do that too, I’ll assume it would be worked on in the next alpha release, hopefully

To be honest I’m not sure either city-building or the mason is a priority - there are still a few engine bits & pieces that need to be looked at first for Alpha 5 IMHO:

-Bugs. The endless, endless bugs :stuck_out_tongue: .
-Lighting engine (it lags a lot).
-Combat balancing.
-Building editor expansion (thicker walls, multiple stories, stairs…
-Settler XP system.
-Population growth sorted.
-Property rights.
-Terrain deformation (digging stairs and mining at least… I imagine viewing underground tunnel networks will be coming much later).

Course I’d like to see a new class or three as well, but at the same time I think it’s more important to build a solid foundation for the game too. Based on the roadmap, I imagine the mason (code-wise a carpenter clone mostly) & shepherd (I’m guessing more work - sheep herding code required :stuck_out_tongue: ) will be coming up soon™ though.