General Suggestions

  • I noticed the Alpha 5 only consists of goblins :frowning: It would be pretty neat If there were more threats/enemies (e.g: wolves, rogues, bandits etc).

  • A more detailed profile for each citizen would be nice to get to know them (similar to watch dogs) and could be generated by a simple algorithm to keep it nice and personal

  • Barracks/training facility to spawn/upgrade soldiers?

  • Open to workshop for modding (similar to Garry’s Mod)

  • Possible prespawned developments to form allies/enemies!! :smiley:

  • Able to control NPC’s during battle to control movement

  • Heroes in troops with specific skill set

  • Prespawned random monsters in each world to defeat and to obtain gold/exp as a cool side objective

  • Ability to rename pets

  • Breeding for pets/further elaborate pets for battle/more interaction

  • Interior building view to see the inside of buildings

  • Gamemode for friends? A LAN/Co op/ Multiplayer similar to a starcraft ish style mode

  • Able to host server to play with friends


All of these things are on the to-do list, it’ll be a while, but I’m sure the dev team will get there eventually!

This is already done. :smile:

Not sure about this one, maybe? But probably not. This game is more about large scale building and combat, rather than smaller squad/hero based combat.

There’s been a lot of discussion about the combat system, nobody’s really sure what it’ll be like yet.


Yea I’m really concerned that it’ll turn out like a Clash of Clash type thing where It is AI dependent :frowning: especially during combat… But anyway thanks for the speedy reply :smiley:

One more!

  • Cobblestone paths/wooden paths to spice the boring old green grass floor?

We will have roads soon! :smile:

From what I’ve seen, this dev team doesn’t like to disappoint, if their players don’t like the combat system, I’m sure they’ll work to find a middleground that works for everyone.

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Alright thanks zippy :smiley: is there any word on a map/minimap?

Hi @ragerxplode welcome to the community :slight_smile:

I can’t see anything to add, zippy got it all.

Check out this out for a more throughout discussion about how different people think the combat should work.



thanks guys :smiley: anyone got word on minimaps for navigation?

Hm, I haven’t heard anything about minimaps yet…

Ah, the Tactician… Good times. Still holding out for some variation of the concept in the future.