RNG loot, make me explore

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I used the search button about the word random, however could not find anything like this. If not already discussed, here are my 5 cents (of an experienced player 20+ years ooO)

Driving force in D3 and similar ARPG is explore to find the perfect stats on a loot.

I suggest rarity system (green,blue,purple, orange, yellow = unique) this is already the meta for most MMOs.

I love that random mob groups spawn nearby and have random drop.

Make me explore (expedition like) and kill quest monsters, or RARE monsters, or mine for RNG “cubes” which could be armour, weapon, material … etc. The key words are rarity and random.

Apologies if this is already discussed without the word “random” in other threads, which is why I could not find it.



This might not be a bad idea to implement.

Right now we rely on the trader RNG to acquire special crops and flowers. Sometimes it never comes over the course of a reasonably long game. It would be nice if enemy raiding parties did occasionally drop crates of seeds or flowers or things that are hard to produce. I don’t know if we need to use the MMO uniqueness color codes, however.

The Frostfeast Mod delves into this area with the presents that the Church of Plenty leaves in exchange for production of gifts. I don’t believe I’ve seen a Giant Zombie chest drop a rack of lamb.


Thanks for the constructive reply! I’d love the RNG aspect of the game, make me explore: whether to find a chest in a dungeon, drop from a boss, or just a nice node of resources - for me the “gifts”, many things to collect, combine, craft, produce, bring some feeling of completion! This makes me “invest” time in the game, not the grind, the reward from random things that “Can happen today!” - NOT the things I must do today … everyone hates dailies :slight_smile:

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And because of the replies, I would like to contribute even more with an example:

While I’m writing this I am actually “doing some runs” in another game, because: I came back from work, don’t need to do anything in the game, but I’d love to grind some time and maybe get a reward: example, well the golden staff did not drop today, but I got 3 diamonds which are also useful. So I keep on paying my monthly fee (because I want to support the game) and play when I feel like, while still have the freedom to play other games.

The hard-core gaming era is about to evolve, in my opinion: why digging in Minecraft, we’ve got toons to do this for ourselvs! Genious idea about this game! just make it even better :slight_smile:

I’d really like this. I don’t know how long the team will be focusing more on what happens in the town, but I’m excited for when they get back to combat/exploring/loot. I need more stuff to show off in my towns, if nothing else!

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Excellent idea! Trophies from everywhere: dungeons, animals, bosses, memorable expeditions and quests :slight_smile:

For decoration in houses, maybe yards etc…

But I also meant: gems and sockets, they could also drop and be able to improve tools, armor, weapons etc…

I really see simple solution: already camps and mobs spawn nearby, if not make us explore soon, then at least there can be “test” nearby dungeon, (could be simple square) where random boss or encounter can happen with something nice to loot!! This is amazing incentive for playing the game and will bring variety and adventures!