Revisiting the Bard

Perhaps it was because I’ve been playing a lot of The Elder Scrolls lately but I have Bards on the brain. There is another such topic on the subject here in suggestions which has some really good ideas. Many of mine are similar but not exactly the same but I’ll throw this here for reference because it is still a solid concept in that conception: A Link to the past

I feel that a bard could be an essential part to our little colonies. They have many uses and would add a layer of depth to the game unseen in its current state.

I do believe there should be some pre-requirements met before you can get yourself a bard, many of these include features not yet in the game. The first requirement that should be met is that a large structure should have to be established. This structure should be fairly large but for concept sake lets just say AxB in size, its function is up to the player but it would be sort of a light hearted place with tables, fire pits, food, and drink. I like to think of this place as a mead hall or an Inn. The building should function as a large hall with smaller rooms for lodging and storage, a room specifically for a bard would have to be required for them to stay with your people.

Once the requirements are met a bard will arrive at some point via a caravan or another random event. It will take up residence in the room in the room set up and most of the time will wonder the halls playing music or “singing”.

The benefits of the bard should be simple but worth the investment. I believe just having a bard live among your people and entertaining them should carry a small bonus to the overall happiness perhaps a figure like +0.5 % this stat could perhaps increase as you find, trade for, or craft additional instruments for the bard to mix things up. I suggest that the bard should also provide a morale boost in general which wouldn’t be substantial but would be enough to help mitigate some negative thoughts from things like battle. After large military encounters the bard could be a bit more enthusiastic telling heroic tales of the brave souls who fought for their colony to protect the people.

I also think the bad should have actual music and be something like how chopping trees in the game is now… the closer you zoom in on the person making the noise the louder it gets. There could be individual tracks for a variety of instruments and “singing”.

Like in the Elder Scrolls for instance I like the idea of people who happen to be in the building gathering near the bard in their free time or while they take a rest to eat. There should be some special actions to accompany the gather like dancing, and clapping.

To me this would be an interesting special unit that could possibly create such a tavern/inn style atmosphere that you could quite literally build a lot around it. There are a lot of possible spin offs which you could incorporate into this idea like the inn also being the main housing for a brewer, bartender, perhaps kitchen and chef, and could also be a place for heros/hirelings to gather because they want their legend to grow and the bard to tell of their great deeds and heroism.

Well there you have it. The idea has been floating around my head for a while and I needed to get it out there. Thanks for reading.


This seems like a great idea, though it seems like .5 is a fairly small number for a starting point. Maybe higher level bards could even join together and form a minstrel guild! I especially like the idea of legendary instruments as well. Imagine your heroes crawling through a music thmemed dungeon to find instruments! Could there also be a traveling bard that accompanies your adventurers and grants them buffs as well?


Why are we not funding this?


This is great. But why don’t we just necrobump the old thread instead of making a new one?

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