Return items to the stockpile

Currently, there is only one action for place-able items (e.g. chairs, beds): place / move.

This is a problem because, if you have built a Mean Bed for each of your citizens, and then later you suddenly become able to craft Comfy Beds (or you receive some in a scenario), you can’t remove the Mean Beds (you have to keep them out). If you have 8 citizens, then you would eventually get 16 beds. This means that the village can become full of beds, getting in the way.

Several times in the world of Pokémon Stonehearth the inhabitants have thought, “Seriously Pikachu chair, get back in your pokéball stockpile!”.
Therefore I think that there should be another button for place-able items: return item to stockpile.


very helpful suggestion… and failing that, perhaps an option to simply deconstruct (and regain a portion of the materials)?

Good idea. That would definitely be more helpful than returning things to the stockpile in the case of the beds. It is already possible with buildings*, so it would make sense to be able to do it with items.

*In the building editor, if you click on an already-constructed building and click “remove” I think the building gets torn down.

@Sir_Ghost @SteveAdamo

I personally feel like you should be able to do either of your suggestions. To either disassemble a placed furnishing for materials or just return it to the stockpile in its “mini” form.

Lets say in a recent dungeon raid you obtain a Golden Earth Golem Statue of Much Irreplaceability, and you placed it in your town, but you wanted to move it or simply return it to the stockpile, if you the only way you could move it is by disassembling it, then your rare statue would be toast.

Unless of course by “Disassembling” it all it does is give you the item that creates the statue. We’d really have to hear more on this from Team Radiant to know how it’ll work.

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Absolutely agree that it has to be possible to move items back to stock.

The idea of deconstruction could offer space for a new profession which could get the “old” furniture and deconstruct it back to the resources. Amount of resources could be based on the level of this profession, or luck.


From what I understand this is coming, its just not implemented yet. There is some raw code already but its not finished from what I can see.