Response on latest Mods Management


    Errors on Mods Management. UI related mods fail to reload after unticking the box when applied.(Tried simplified Chinese localization mod only but it might be expected to fit many other UI-related mods).

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Choose to apply localization in settings

  1. Still enter setting(“设置”) and untick the Chinese_Translation box

    Press OK(“确定”) to verify and then restart.

  2. The unticked box won’t be ticked by mouse until you go to the “user_settings.json” and turn the false into true.

Expected Results: After disabling the localization mods, or when system cannot find the designated files, the system is expected to be able to turn the settings back to default.

Actual Results: But here when Ch mod is turned down, the language choice didn’t go back to the default choice.

Notes: (๑° u °๑)


  • Or related link:
  • Version Number and Mods in use: Alpha 19, dev 3169

    System Information: None;
    ↑ is the link of the localization mod… Somehow I just keep failing uploading that… :joy:

    Something for @yshan to see on Monday: Translation mods are applied even to the main menu, something other mods don’t typically do. Could they perhaps prevent being disabled when the language is selected?

    And there’s one more thing, rather trifle, however, that when you open the Mods Management and don’t make a single change, still it warns a reload after pressing OK button.

    Right and in the future there might be also some mods about changing configurations of the wall paper or sound tracks, etc. of the main menu. I think it a sound plan to categorize them into one class and prevent them from being disabled on load.

    This is a bug!!!