Mods not being enabled

I go to settings and click the mods I want enabled but when I click ok they don’t remain checked. if I go to settings again to see if they are checked I find that they are not checked so I check them again and click ok. but no matter how many times I do this they don’t remain checked even after reloading.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. go to settings
  2. go to mods
  3. enable a mod
  4. click ok
  5. open settings
  6. go to mods
  7. observer the mods you checked not being checked anymore.

Expected Results:
mods to stay enabled after checking the box and clicking ok
Actual Results:
mods not being enabled after you check them then click ok


After I click ok then open the settings to see if they stayed checked.
mods not checked
Version Number and Mods in use:
Release - 763
System Information:

The mods with symbols in its names are the ones causing this bug. Rename the mods to remove the brackets and it will work.

ok I removed the brackets and now this

That is because you also need to change the internal files.
The modder just updated it, grab the new version, it should work as he already renamed everything

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the ones with the bunch of random characters are the mods I just downloaded

they don’t work either

That is a recent problem with the forum. It should not be random characters. The only way to fix this for now, is to ask the modders for a new link where the file is named correctly.

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