Wrong Displays in Menu

Hey Guys,
since Stoneharth finally reached 1.0 and after the release of a third faction hooray i wanted to start playing anew. Unfortunately, some parts of the UI get displayed “incorrectly”. Starts while in startscreen and continues in hearthling creation. Options and settings are affected aswell. Screenshot for further description:

i alleady deactivated all “mods” (rayas children, northern alliance plus biomes) and reinstalled twice, no success. Any ideas?


It’s a problem of the translating mod you are using. You should probably contact the author of that language mod.

BTW, what’s that language? Maybe I can help you reach the author.

Do you know something, @Wiese2007? :thinking:

can’t deactivate it though…

You can select the language (English) in the setting menu.

@Boreas which version of my translation do you use? because this looks like an old version without and ui changes. you need to use this one.

I guess he’s using the mod from local, not from the workshop?

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