2710 - Some problems

On the first panel when you have to choose the elements for your story, a few things:

  • Rayya’s Children and description is missing from the en.json
  • if you first choose the Ascendancy, you get the right translation in the story development. Then if you choose Rayya’s (cliking on the red name) and if you choose back the Ascendancy, you won’t get anymore the traduction of the name (the description is ok)
  • Naryal Iskender isn’t translatable.
  • In the HT panel, the names of columns are not centered on the columns of checkboxes (could help for wider strings)
  • In the HT panel, the buttons (suspend/resume) are too short for french and possibly all latin languages.

I just pushed an update to startermod_locale

The readme has been updated as well
The en.json file for rayyas_children is included in the rayyas_children mod and so has to be overriden separately. The new startermod locale has the en.json file for rayyas_children as well.

  1. I’m not sure I understand. Can you test with the new starter mod locale stuff and let me know if this still happens?

  2. Naryal Iskender is translatable in the new rayyas children locale file

  3. Can you send me your french translation files and I’ll see if I can make things look better. Thanks!


@yshan, humm… That’s confusing… So most strings for Rayya’s are in the Stonehearth mod and some are in the Rayya’s mod?? No way to make this more… logical? :disappointed_relieved:

A suggestion :
I wasn’t expecting Rayya’s to be a separated mod but if so, why not pushing the concept a bit further? For example, all Rayya’s entities into Rayya’s mod, then duplication of the potter in both mods BUT with different recipes. In Rayya’s it’s a job as important as the carpenter in the Ascendancy. But in the Ascendancy, it’s a low level job mostly to create decorative stuff only.
THEN, creation of a special merchant coming from far away with some of Rayya’s productions BUT with different descriptions: the items that were usual in Rayya’s (like the teapot) become (with new descriptions) some extraordinary items and so, very expensive. That would add some fun, some clin d’oeil to other kingdoms making the whole thing pretty cool and more interesting. Later on (when multi player will be set) this basic feature could become a way to do business with other players, sending a merchant with stuff in over production for example.

Back on topic, I’ll test the starter mod today (btw, right now I don’t get the overrides commands; you seems to want to override files that do not exist so I have to understand how it works).

For your point 4, here a WIP fr.json :smile: fr.zip (66.5 KB)

Yshan, sorry to remind you this again, but before fixing new stuff, what about fixing old stuff like the few details here : 2650 - Missing string
I understand it’s not exiting but there is no reason to report anymore if things get lost in time… :sleepy:

There is a typo in english in the name of the golden_gourd_curry_recipe (Golden Guord Curry)

Auto quote! Testing further with Rayya’s, I could see the “Rajin’s Goods of the Distant West” is already such merchant. Good job!