[Resolved] SGT Bug: Mouse Pointer Disappears

Adding a new topic for this bug. Though actually, I hear @not_owen_wilson has a very promising looking solution to the problem. You’re never going to guess what it was…

Continuing the discussion from The Stonehearth Graphics Test Thread:

I have this issue as well, What is this solution you speak of?

Sorry, I meant @not_owen_wilson fixed it in our code repository. :wink: Maybe he’ll enlighten us all in the near future.

Yay, Give him my thanks

@Newf this bug was fixed for me when I started to run graphics test as an administer. Maybe this will work for you too?

Running it in Admin mode did the trick for me as well.

My mouse comes back when I go in and out of the window, but when it comes back into the window it’s a window re-size pointer. My mouse pointer is there at the start, but as soon as I go over the text and then leave the text it disappears. It seems to be a bug in the code that changes the image of the mouse pointer.

edit: the Administrator works, but It’s still a bug. You shouldn’t need to run a game in administrator mode.

thanks for the confirmations folks… perhaps @not_owen_wilson’s fix will make it into the next graphics test… :+1: