[Resolved] Problem Event Name: BEX

continuing the discussion from The Stonehearth Graphics Test Thread

Just to note, in case it’s missed, that error is thrown up when ran in the antivirus sandbox.

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yup, here is basically what the antivirus sandbox is and what it does

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So you might have possibly tried this, but have you tried installing whilst your antivirus is turned off?

Edit: @SteveAdamo I don’t think is a Graphics Test bug, it seems to be something Windows side of things.

@Dawnfyre a quick google search has thrown up quite a few results about a BEX error, this thread might prove useful:

Alternatively try looking through some of these:


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good point… probably still worth capturing as a tip for others, assuming this can be bypassed with some of the suggestions you’ve linked…

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found the issue

I had recently done a full restore to factory settings of my computer, and at the time i tried the graphics test my OS most likely wasnt up to date, this morning my computer installed the latest service pack and now the graphics test launches normaly


Good to know! Will chalk that one up as resolved, glad to hear you got it all working correctly!

thanks for the diligence, and the follow-up… :+1: