[Res] Zombies and living dead kill every one

i don’t know if anyone is having this problem but the living dead will wipe out my hole village and i will even send every one at one living dead and it will kill every one!!! 8-10 people vs. 1 living dead and the undead wins. seems off i could see losing people but all of them thats just crazy.

is this a bug or is it game over when undead show up?

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I’ve not had this issue, one moderately equipped, level 1, footman seems to be able to take on about 2 zombies or skeletons for me.

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This seems like a bug to me
Can you take a screenshot of that moment if you are able to

same for me…

awhile back the undead were super tough and almost invincible but thats been fixed/re-balanced…

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Which version of the game are you playing?


looks like this bugs been fixed living dead die fine now thanks all for the shoulder to cry on :smiley:

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