[Res] Unable finish Wall Loop

When I try to build Wall Loop they never finish it. I think it might be problem with one missing wood in 4th row on the left side of wall. It happens every time I try build this wall. How you can see I have plenty of wood in stockpile. The missing piece of wood is every time on different place.

Steps to reproduce:
1)Make a stockpile
2)Pick berries
3)Cut a lot of trees
4)Take all in stockpile without problem of stop working
5)Build workshop
6)Build Wall Loop

Expected Results: Start building the wall until they finish.

Actual Results: they build 5 rows of wall with one missing wood in 4th row. Then they stop working at all and only standing and eating when they get hungry.

unable upload pics here, so its link to photo

  • missing piece of wood

Versions and Mods: Alpha 1, no mods

System Information:
OS: Microsoft Win7 Professional (64bit)
CPU: Intel Core i5-3570K 3,40GHz
Memory: 8 GB
Video Card: NVIDEA GeForce GTX 260

i can confirm this. it seems that when there is a block missing they assume the wall section is complete. Maybe an array issue?

then again im sure the developers are aware of these issues. i believe that reporting this early isnt necessary.

Woah woah woah! No, report everything, everything. Even if it isn’t useful now, it’s good practice for later.

And besides, this bug is one I’ve not seen mentioned before, so good job @Devoter and thanks for using the layout. :slight_smile:


good call though on the condition for the bug. never noticed the reason until you mentioned it :slight_smile: