[Res] Stonehearth Won't Open (Vista)

Okay, last time I posted here, it was about Stonehearth not opening - except I was on XP back then - and I was sent to Stonehearth Guru iirc. I checked there and I was the first post since March, and some sections dated back to February.

Sorry if it was a different forum I was redirected to and I’m just being stupid but I just don’t know.

Anyway, this is the error I get:

It simply does this, and then my computer says that Stonehearth has closed unexpectedly.

I’m on Vista now if that helps.

Have you modified the user_settings.json file?

(Don’t worry about the forums, posts will be moved if necessary). I’m also on Vista, and unless you have some problem with graphics or processor, the game should run fine.

Your problem seems easy to fix. If a json file has mistakes, the game won’t probably launch. This uses to happen with config files or manifest of mods.

Look into the file and try to find the invalid character the error mentions.


This would make the most sense, have you made any changes to this file?

No. I downloaded it straight from Steam and started it up. I even reinstalled it with the same result :(. I’ll have a look, but I doubt there is anything I can do.

that error is pretty specific to not liking the json file…

perhaps redownload/reinstall from both HB and Steam? as annoying as that is… :cry:

I didn’t find anything inside the .json file, it is basically empty (except from tab-spaces) inside Notepad.

I’ll go try it from HB then and try it.

edit: Umm, so how do I sync my Steam and freshly-made HB account again?

just delete the user_settings.json file and then start the game. It will make a new usersettings file automatically when you start the game.


there should be an option in your HB account settings, I think…
Or maybe this can help you…

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not to worry, they arent linked… two separate downloads/installs… :+1:

if you need help with accessing the HB client, you can try this thread, and the key resender process…


ooo… wasnt aware of this! :+1:

Thanks, Miturion, it works perfectly now! Also, thank you Relyss, my accounts are synced =).

However, Stonehearth wasn’t in my HB library and I don’t really understand how to add it to my library - any help with that for future reference?

Anyway, it’s time to keep track of SH again!


thanks for the confirmations … these seem like two very worthy entries to the Alpha FAQ… :+1:


Have you tried the steps that @SteveAdamo provided? Any luck?

added the json fix here, and the account sync step here… thanks again @Miturion and @Relyss! :+1:

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So the only way is to resend my keys? I was hoping for something somewhere hiden in the menus to merge HB and Steam games or something.

I believe Stonehearth should show up in your Humble library anyway, but if you have difficulty or it doesn’t then going through the resending process links it all together.

If you simply want to link your steam and HB account together then you need to follow the steps here:


Hm, okay. Thank you for all the helpful replies. The topic can be locked now :).