[Res] Error reading user_settings when launching the game: Invalid JSON character (workaround inside)

So basically what the title says, I can’t upload any pictures since I’m only a new user, but the error contains the following message:

"Error starting application:

Error reading file “C:/Program Files

Invaldi JSON character detected (lo)"

I’m really not that good with computers myself, and I have no clue what happened. Yesterday I’ve played a good 4 or 5 hours of Stonehearth in a row without having any problems. Today however, I can’t get into the game.

I would be really glad to receive any suggestions, tips or help.

Thank you.

Edit: Yes, I have already re-installed the game, without any results.

Derp, I fixed it. I just went to the map it pointed me to, but also to all the other maps and started throwing out the json-files that were created for my custom buildings etcetera.

Maybe this “bug” or problem could be fixed to stop it from happening in the future though!

Thanks for reading.

hey there @Bastiaan_Doolhoff … welcome aboard! :smile:

we’ve seen this error a time or two, but I have to admit, I’m confused by the solution you used to get around your issue… can you elaborate on what you did here?


I just went to the Stonehearth map in my program files (x86) and went into the “saved_games” and “saved_objects” maps, there I threw out any json.files that weren’t supposed to be there, so my custom templates for building and my own save game. Also I threw away the “user_settings.json” which was pointed out by the error specifically.

I re-installed Stoneheart and now it runs fluently again.

I hope you can put this information to good use, good luck and thank you for your quick response! @SteveAdamo


Don’t feel alone: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

We’ll keep this topic for workaround, then :smile:

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Thanks for help i’m search for information about JSON error and you help me and now i can play is my favorite game. i’m greant about computer but just i don’t now wath JSON was