[Res] JSON Error whenever i run game via steam



so, whenever i try to start the game via steam it says this…

i did a full system cleanup yday, formatted all my drives… still wont work…


Don’t worry this should be a pretty simple fix, all thats happened is the user_settings file has been altered.

Find the ‘user_settings.json’ file in your file browser and delete it.

I believe if you then run the game it generates a new file and you shouldn’t have any more issues.


awesome, thanks…

finally i can start playing again after a few months :smiley:


Congrats @nischu , enjoy the game :smile: !

@Geoffers747, @SteveAdamo, please mark this as resolved or close it, as it’s already in the workaround thread


oh right, good catch… thanks! :smile:

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