[Res] Pathing Issue and Abandoning of Projects

Not only do my citizens often freeze for long periods of time, but they also abandoned work on their house, which was still missing an entire wall. Maybe the three-dimensional pathing issue is seasonal, and if so, Happy New Year!

I was able to play for about 30 minutes, until everyone stopped in their tracks. I pressed F9 to see the pathing, and saw what you have seen above. It is as if the world of Stonehearth simulates entropy (the phenomenon / theory that states that as time goes on, the universe becomes more chaotic) at a never before seen speed, to the point where the universe implodes (the game crashes)…

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thanks for the report, but remember, the more information you can capture, following the guidelines provide here, the better… thanks! :smiley:

STEVE! You know I don’t like it when people steal my job

You were stealing my and @Smokestacks’s job before you became Coordinator… e_é


Mutiny within the ranks already!?

You see @SteveAdamo, we should have kept it at two! Now we have a triad of Alpha test coordinators and all there is is confclit :’(!


Ah… but, it is my job and only my job to post a link to over here

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