[Res] [Dev-2594] Hungry Dancing Hearthlings (Omelette Dance)

“I’m so hungry but my feet can’t stop moving!” - Unknown Hearthling

Edit: This bug seems to occur when Hearthlings try to eat certain prepared foods, like the omelette. Thanks to @MagicalShrimp2 for pointing it out.

I believe this only happens when there are more Hearthlings than seats. When meal time comes around, all of the Hearthlings grab food and rush to the nearest open seat.

Since there aren’t enough seats, I would expect a few hearthlings to sit on the ground.

However, some of them walk towards a nearby seat and proceed to ‘dance’ on the chairs/tables This behavior seems to continue indefinitely, but is broken by a save/load cycle.

Entertaining video (Might need some music…) :

Save File (before the dance marathon begins) :


I had a similar issue before where cooked food would make hearthlings do that. From what I’ve seen in the video (I didn’t check the save file as I’m not currently able to) it seems that it only happens to the ones that are trying to eat (I assume) a omelette. Because if you pay attention all other hearthlings will eat their food other than the ones carrying an omelette. So it could be that the bug has reoccurred just with the omelettes the newly implemented foods this time.

EDIT: Seems like it really is all the new foods since it seems like the one guard is holding fried eggs.


Makes sense, so do we call this the Omelette Dance?

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Haha. Fair enough. We’ll just have to wait for a patch that’ll fix these new items.

Looking into this more, it might actually be related to the blacksmith forge. I tried to isolate the two actions, but canceling the blacksmith orders doesn’t work…

In the latest build (2598), I found a related crash dealing with multiple food items in a hearthling’s inventory when eating.


To reproduce, load the save and watch the hungry hearthling (decked out in full plate mail) walk out of the building, moves toward the stockpile and grab a plate of food.
Select the hearthling and notice that he is already carrying eggs!
The hearthling then returns to the building, sits down, and begins eating the food he just picked up.
(There are also 2 hearthlings continuing their Omelette Dance inside)
When the hearthling finishes, the game crashes to desktop… instant food coma!

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So the problem is that the hearthlings are trying to eat the entire platter of food instead of taking an individual serving. When they can’t eat the platter, they try to find more food to eat, but they think the food they’re holding is edible until they find out that it’s not and the cycle repeats.

It’s been fixed for the next build, but old games will continue to have the problem (although you may be able to destroy the problematic items). (New food may be created correctly though.)


I just had this issue on my dev-2598 game involving eggs as well . . .

Next, next update. Dev 2598 was released a few hours before Albert’s post.

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