[Res] BUG: Sliding Carpenter

Title: Sliding Carpenter

Summary: My carpenter stopped working (froze with a log on the workbench) once I started trying to build a small room. Then, once she got hungry, she slid to the food stockpile. By sliding, I mean there was no walking animation, and the avatar just slid towards the stockpile. An additional note, she didn’t do a smooth slide all the way, it was in little fits and bursts all the way there.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Assign a carpenter, and give her a full queue so she’ll have lots to work on.
  2. Have your other workers start building a small room (using the same wood stockpile)
  3. Carpenter should stop producing/freeze. Wait until she gets hungry.
  4. She’ll potentially slide to the stockpile to get some berries to eat.

Expected Results: Carpenter to walk with regular walking animation.

Actual Results: Carpenter slides to her destination.

Versions and Mods: r14


thanks for the report @Spu… can you take a look here, and see if its roughly the game experience?


@SteveAdamo Not the same glitch, though it’s possible that they’re related somewhere in the code. The video you linked to that carpenter is still displaying an animation, even though it’s in a loop. What I’m talking about is kind of the opposite. The carpenter will still get around and continue to feed herself, etc, but no animation plays when she’s walking; the avatar just glides around.
Without any video capture software of my own, I can’t capture what exactly is going on in the game, but apparently this is a common bug in other games, so here’s a link to the sliding bug in TF2, just so you can get an idea of what I’m talking about: Sliding Character glitch_Team Fortress 2

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Thanks for the report @spu informative as usual :slight_smile:

In this instance I like to think that your carpenter pondered the complexities of existence for a while before transcending the need to walk thus beginning the age of floatation.

Such a fantastic feature of r14!!!


thanks for the update @spu!

first hover boots, and now this… you sure are on a futuristic kick… reading more Asimov are we? :smile:


Hey, I think it’s similar to what happened to me (I wrote it here). I thought it was fault of my processor or graphics card. I don’t understand very well the new bar for cpu usage, but it was mostly orange (at first green, but after playing for a bit…).

Seems like he wanted to skate. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think I saw a seasons mod floating around somewhere. Turn my whole world into an icey winterland and BAM! Gliding is an intended part of the game.