My lvl 3 carpenter just stoped moving

She was sitting in a chair stuck, I tried moving the chair from under her but she still just sat there.

Hey there @azian_toast, welcome to the Discourse! Can you provide a little more information please?

What version of the game are you playing, and do you have any mods installed?
What was the carpenter doing before he got stuck? Was he sitting to eat, or got stuck walking by it, etc.?

Can you get him unstuck using the console? Open the console by typing Ctrl + c, click the carpenter (or whoever is stuck), type reset, and then click Enter. It should move the hearthling slightly and hopefully get them unstuck. If this doesn’t help, please take a screenshot of the issue so we can have a better understanding.

Im using alpha 13, no mods, and my carpenter just sat down and didnt get back up. Sry but I forgot to save my world so i cant try it to fix it but if there is any other bugs ill make sure to tell you.

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No worries, thanks for the follow up. If you have to report any further bugs, please try to create the bugs in the “Bug Reports” category and use the template provided, makes sure we get enough information to provide good support :smile:.

Something like this happened to me but mine was on the grass far away from camp I started wondering why was nothing getting done and then I looked for him and I seen him siting in the grass with his hand to his chin just siting there and did not move I removed him from carpenter but nothing happened it was very annoying.

I had no mods

I did not try using console,sorry

could not copy my screenshot as a link,sorry

Hey there @Lynn_Tarno, welcome to the Discourse! Thanks for the confirmation that this is still occurring. Will tag the bug as such.