[Res] [1658] Town Net Worth Not Updating

Title: Town Net Worth Not Showing

Summary: I’ve built two homes and have a decent stockpile of goods, but my net worth still shows 0.

Steps To Reproduce:

  1. Build and collect stuff.
  2. Check town info
  3. No net worth :frowning:

Apparently i was also being raided by a goblin…

Version and Mods
1658 no Mods

On further playing… this also seems to be keeping me from getting any more travelers to come live in my town. Sad. :frowning:


I saw that to in my game, but once I made a farmer and had them till land, it started to grow…

Ok yeah, farming seems to do it. Odd.

A little update on this: specifically, it’s farmland that updates the town net worth, and said farmland can happily lie fallow the whole time. Nothing else really seemed to affect town net worth noticeably from what I could tell.

Fixed in 1665, so should be able to close this topic now :slight_smile: .