Request for the artists here

Yumewomita. i had a dream.

Can anyone draw a white haired girl laying on the front of a car but in the reverse way, with a street, houses and trees on the back. i dont want to forget about this dream.

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This is a … rather odd request.

You will probably find more help in other places on the internet…


If your going to have dreams about women don’t share them


Newf if you think of it that way then you are the dirty minded o.o

And thanks to me, you never will. Because I’m pretty sure this image will haunt you.

As requested: houses (2), trees (3), a street (1), a car in reverse (1, yellow, license plate ‘CAR’), a white-haired girl laying in front of it (1, pink clothing, white hairs).

It’s definitely a girl due to, but not limited to:

  • pink clothing
  • a great deal of white hair that is not an afro, but comes close
  • something that looks like lipstick

#You’re welcome!


There are times when I am not quite sure what to make of you @RepeatPan, but it’s fair to say that I’ve fallen a little bit in love with you after this.


the girl had a white overall and the car was also white… the houses werent like that they were japanese-modern styled and also there were more houses then that.

Thenm it must been like this. Japanese houses and trees on her back. white car, white clothing.


As inspired by @Miturion.

A very good attempt, but you really need to learn to read more carefully: He wants japanese-modern. Yours is merely Japanese.


xD nice try i guess…

Don’t worry bro, I’ve got you covered.

Created with GIMP 7.0.1, took approximately 3-4 hours of work. It’s probably one of my better pieces.


I dont think you guys really understood what i meant there.

I would rather think you don’t understand us…

Nobody does! We are completely underappreciated. It is a hard life to be a good artist. We only ever get recognised post mortem, which is, mind you, usually pretty soon due to the lack of a proper job.


Even I don’t have dreams that traumatising.

The struggle is real, being out there all alone, trying to make a living off of our art.


I was in my parent’s car, we were on a small road surrounded by houses. while we were driving on that road, i saw a young white haired girl laying on a the front of a car. (she wasnt dead or anything, just enjoying the summer) and then our car almost hit her head. thats it. no old ladies, no accidents no blood or anything.

That’s it? Your dreams sound rather pleasant.

I think we understood, it’s just that the request is definitely an odd one, and I’m not sure how many people here would be able to draw your request.

So you are saying our masterworks here have been made by “unable” artists? I dare say @Miturion and @Dwalus did a very fine job of interpretation. They could hang in any art gallery in the world!*


You could ask @Goldmetal but I am not sure whether she would